miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2018


Hello everyone!

Hola a todo el mundo!

We have some exciting news from Term 1. First at all, we have to introduce our Spanish teacher assistant: Tamara. She comes from Spain and she will be working with us until the school year finishes in December. We are really happy to have her here!

Tamara in the Spanish room.


On the 21st of March we had a huge celebration in Melbourne, Australia: Harmony Day. We usually translate it as 'Día de la convivencia" because in Harmony Day we celebrate the multicultural world we live in and we praise for a peaceful and respectful coexistence between our different cultures.In Sunshine Heighs Primary School we took it very serious and we did a song performance in front of many people in the middle of Melbourne. The whole school took buses to Southbank, a neighbourhood in the heart of Melbourne, we dressed up as heroes and we sang and dance a really cool song called 'This is me' .

We wanted to encourage everyone to be brave, to be powerful and to believe in themselves, because as the song says 'we are glorious'. Everyone has a talent to show and interesting things to tell, so let's struggle to make everyone have a chance to success and belong.

We all are heroes!

The images on your left at from Irene y Tamara, the Spanish team! We decided to dress up as Super Latinas.

Lastly, we would like you to visit our new Instagram, in which we have some images about Harmony Day but also from our weekly activities.

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